Valeria Romano​

Technic developer in R&D at Gruppo Eurovo​



Technic developer at Gruppo Eurovo​


Training at Ecole Ducasse - ENSP Campus​


Product Technical Specialist at Modecor Italiana


Valeria Romano graduated with a Bachelor's degree in French Pastry Arts from ENSP in 2019. She currently works in the pastry R&D department at Eurovo service, in Italy, where she organizes demos, open days, and participates in industry fairs. Valeria's role involves testing and developing products, collaborating with a team of six professionals in the R&D department. Inspired by renowned chefs Davide Scabin and Heston Blumenthal, she aspires to become a recognized consultant in the pastry field while constantly honing her skills.​

Her journey into the world of pastry began at a young age, as she fondly recalls preparing her first cake at the age of four with her mother: “when I was 4 years old, I started to bake cakes, my mom told me I was going to be a pastry chef”. Valeria's experiences at the Ecole Ducasse extended beyond the realm of French pastry. The international course provided her with an appreciation for cultural diversity, fostering cooperation and respect. Having witnessed the prestige associated with Alain Ducasse's name, she recognizes the advantage it brings to her professional journey.​

With her eye on the future, Valeria aims to open her own pastry business and become a trusted consultant, specializing in innovative sugar or jelly creations. Since she has various food allergies, she believes in striving for positive change in the industry and encourages others to do the same: “we are the new generation, and we are here to create new shops for people who are different”.​

As Valeria pursues her dreams, her journey serves as a testament to perseverance and a reminder that hard work and passion can lead to extraordinary achievements. ​

“Ask, be curious, the chefs and teachers are open minded, and they are going to help you, if you need something, they are willing to give you everything.”​

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