Bachelor in French Pastry Arts


3 years

Including internships:

3 x 24 weeks


Pastry arts and management

Language of instruction

English or French

Where taught:

    • Paris Campus or Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie


This highly specialized, three-year Bachelor program can be studied in English or French. It delivers a unique combination of mastery in pastry arts with the professional and managerial know-how you’ll need to become a leader in the field. It is the ideal choice for high school graduates seeking to forge a career in the pastry industry.

course structure*

Year 1


  • Semester 1 - Professional Immersion
  • Semester 2 - Professional internship I - 24 weeks


Year 2

  • Semester 3 - Fundamentals and Practice
  • Semester 4 - Professional internship II - 24 weeks


Year 3

  • Semester 5 - Innovation and Mangement
  • Semester 6 - Professional internship III - 24 weeks


Alternating practical workshops, theoretical courses, and internships in companies.

Classes and practical exercises, demonstrations, challenges, group projects, personal research, business games, end-of-study projects, etc.

*In the interest of continuous improvement, the content of our programs may change.

Success stories

The high level of practice and the quality of the pedagogical content are definitely the key strengths of the Bachelor in French Pastry Arts. The program is intensive, with a wide scope, which allowed me to acquire a lot of skills as well as confidence. On top of that, the Chef Instructors team is fantastic in the way they manage and support us. All of this truly helped me to be well trained and well prepared.

Antoine Dubois

Bachelor in French Pastry Arts’ student

Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie


+ 33(0)4 71 65 79 69 or + 33(0)4 71 65 72 50



125 Allée du Château de Montbarnier, 43200 Yssingeaux, France



Located in the Château de Montbarnier, in Yssingeaux in Haute-Loire, ENSP is the school of reference in pastry, bakery, chocolate, confectionary and ice cream arts.


Paris Campus


16-20 avenue du Maréchal Juin, 92190 Meudon, France



The new flagship campus of École Ducasse in Meudon – an affluent Parisian suburb that is just 10km from the heart of France’s capital.