Thanachot Dolchalaikom​

Executive Chef at Rarebbk



Executive chef at Rarebkk a restaurant in Bangkok​


Training at Ecole Ducasse


Training at Le Cordon Bleu school


​Thanachot Dolchalaikorn is a young chef from Thailand. He studied in 2022 at École Ducasse to train for French cuisine. His goals is to open a traditional French cuisine restaurant in Bangkok. ​

As a kid, Thanachot spent a lot of time in the kitchen with his dad who really introduced him to cooking. When they were going to fine dining restaurant, he always had a question in mind: how did the chef make this dish? In each plate, Thanachot saw recipes like art. At the age of 17 years old, he decided to train for cooking in Thailand. The young chef trained for several years before joining École Ducasse to improve his skills and make his dream come true : being able to open a traditional French cuisine restaurant in his home country. Thanachot wanted to take his time to think about all the details from design and furniture to plate setting. At École Ducasse, Thanachot followed the Culinary Arts Diploma program, and was immersed in the French culture. He loved to be surrounded by French training chefs. « It made a big difference. You got a new vision of cooking. You studied the culture of the chef. You saw the brigade, how everyone was on time and worked quickly. It was completely different from my own country. » ​

Thanachot made a lot of progress thanks to this 9 months programme. « It was a great opportunity. It was not only about recipes. It was more about knowledgeable training chefs and classmates. I learned every single day. We spent a lot of time sharing our culture and our cooking techniques. » This training enabled Thanachot to reach a higher level and to acquire techniques, discipline and teamwork skills. « École Ducasse is more than just a place to learn and acquire knowledge; you also get connections that will hasten your achievement. » Today, his vision of food is to see art everywhere in food. ​

Thanachot wants to enhance flavor, make food beautiful and create well designed food experiences. His advice ? « Set your goal first and then, keep on working to reach it. Work smart, work hard and you will be successful. »

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