Karim Abdelrahman​

Private Chef and founder of « Avec Karim »

“Overall, my experience was incredible. I always and will always recommend it, and I’m glad to be an ambassador for it.” ​



​Chef and founder of « Avec Karim »​


Training at Ecole Ducasse


“Overall, my experience was incredible. I always and will always recommend it, and I’m glad to be an ambassador for it.” ​

Karim Abdelrahman has emerged as a remarkable figure in the culinary scene, leaving an indelible mark on Egyptian cuisine. With his training at Ecole Ducasse, obtaining Culinary Arts and Specialized Culinary Arts Diplomas, Karim has honed his skills and acquired a profound understanding of the culinary arts. As the Founder and Executive Chef of "Avec Karim," a catering and private dining company based in Cairo, Egypt, Karim strives to put Egyptian gastronomy firmly on the global map. With a focus on private events and dinners for distinguished individuals and renowned brands across the Middle East, Karim's culinary creations epitomize excellence and innovation. Driven by a desire to bridge the gap in the Egyptian market for gastronomic ventures, Karim established "Avec Karim" shortly after completing his studies and internships at Ecole Ducasse. Karim's culinary prowess has garnered international recognition, catering for esteemed companies such as Dior and curating events for Paris Fashion Week.​

From a young age, Karim's passion for cuisine ignited, leading him to embark on a culinary journey at just 13 years old. Combining his Egyptian heritage with the French savoir-faire in gastronomy became his ultimate aspiration. Ecole Ducasse provided the perfect training ground, immersing Karim in the art of cooking and instilling a pursuit of excellence that continues to guide his path. Karim cherishes the nurturing environment that still feels like family. He wholeheartedly recommends the institution to aspiring culinary professionals, emphasizing the importance of passion, dedication, and continuous curiosity in this industry. Karim proudly serves as an Alumni Ambassador, representing Ecole Ducasse with gratitude, knowing that the support, knowledge, and opportunities he received have shaped his remarkable success.​

“My advice for a future student will be that this industry requires so much work and dedication. You must continue being passionate and curious in the kitchen to continue doing this. Students can expect a very practical training at Ecole Ducasse that hones your skills.”​

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