Francesca Russo​

Demi-Cheffe de partie at Anne – Pavillon de la Reine​



​Demi-Cheffe de partie at Anne – Pavillon de la Reine​


Private Chef at La Collina dei Nebrodi and Commis de Cuisine at Joia par Hélène Darroze​


Training at Ecole Ducasse​


Account executive at Salesforce


​Originally working for an American software company as a sales manager, Francesca realized that this was not her true vocation. Her desire to give meaning to her life led her to the kitchen, prompting her to turn to France, and particularly Paris, where she had always wanted to live. Her ambition is clear: to bring authentic Italian cuisine back to the world and share it through a concept that can be reproduced in Europe and the United States. Francesca's culinary passion is based on deep-rooted values such as generosity, conviviality, openness to others and a sense of family, all of which reflect her Italian identity. Her professional goal is to create an international group of restaurants in Paris, New York, Madrid and London, while preserving traditional Italian cuisine in her creations.​

With her wealth of experience behind her, she wants to combine her business management skills with her passion for cooking, making her concept a long-lasting and internationally recognized product. For her, cooking is a passion, a way of having fun and creating a unique experience for her guests.​

Born and raised in Sicily, Francesca was brought up on a traditional diet of local dishes and family sharing. Her choice to join École Ducasse was a natural one, attracted by the excellence of this institution and its enduring values. For her, cooking must be sincere, authentic and full of sharing.​
Her internship was a formative experience in which she perfected her technique, working alongside a renowned Italian chef and former executive chef of Yannik Alléno's 3-star restaurant for eight years. Francesca has learned to make her mark in a demanding environment, developing her communication and leadership skills.​

Her advice is imbued with humility and patience, reminding us that cooking is a craft that takes time to acquire the necessary skills. She encourages everyone to keep their aspirations in mind and to work with determination.​

Francesca Russo reflects her Sicilian culinary heritage in a world where cuisine is an ode to sincerity and authenticity. Her quest to share true Italian cuisine around the world is an inspiring journey that promises to delight even the most discerning palates.​

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