Daria Kuzmicheva​

Founder and owner of « Cherchez la tarte »​



Founder and owner of her pastry and salon de thé « Cherchez la tarte » in Saint Petersburg​


Training at Ecole Ducasse​


English teacher and baker at her house​


Daria, originally from Russia, completed the 'Essentiels des Arts Culinaires’ program in French at Ecole Ducasse's Meudon campus in January 2023. Although she studied literature and worked as an English teacher for two years, she soon started making pastries to order at home, after realizing that it wasn't enough. At first, she had difficulty finding customers, but thanks to Instagram, she managed to make a name for herself and expand her clientele. With the support of her husband, she opened a pastry shop called 'Cherchez la tarte' in St Petersburg. ​

The shop building needed a lot of work, and the interior design was carried out by a friend from London. Although the first year has been difficult for Daria, she is determined to succeed in her job and to do what she loves most: cooking. She offers breakfasts as well as a varied menu and wants customers to enjoy what she does. Daria loves to eat and has a great knowledge of flavor combinations and balance on a plate. She loves both the great classics and experimenting to surprise her customers. ​

One day, Daria realized that she needed to change things and go further. So, she decided to follow Ecole Ducasse's Culinary Arts Essentials program to train in cooking and make up for her shortcomings. She learnt new techniques, invented new cakes and dishes, and is now going to dedicate an entire collection to France, with recipes that are 100% French, original and revisited using Alain Ducasse's techniques. Daria is delighted to be able to share her passion for cooking with others. She is determined to succeed in her profession and to continue innovating to surprise her customers with new flavors and combinations.

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