Claudia Ebobisse​

Founder and owner of La famille Gourmande



La Famille Gourmande – salon de thé project​


Self-employed in various restaurants to create new desserts - collaboration with Clichois restaurateurs and shopkeepers ​


Internship at Jojo & co and at Le Café Alain Ducasse​


Training at Ecole Ducasse​


Market Finance


Claudia is now the manager and head pastry chef of La Famille Gourmande, her tea room in Clichy. On her own, she brilliantly does everything to run her business. But the road that led Claudia to her passion was far from straightforward. After a twelve-year career in market finance, she had to reconsider her life and her aspirations. It was her passion for patisserie that gave rise to the idea of creating a unique place where simplicity and indulgence go hand in hand. ​

Her path led her to choose Ecole Ducasse, attracted by the renown of chef Alain Ducasse, Claudia wanted to benefit from solid, recognized training of excellence to give credibility to her project. She found all this and more at Ecole Ducasse, which offered her in-depth knowledge and first-rate techniques. Her upbringing in a family that prized discipline and rigor strengthened her skills in this area, qualities that are essential if she is to excel in the world of patisserie, where every ingredient is crucial. With an innate sense of sharing and generosity, Claudia infuses her creations with a personal touch. She strives to preserve the authenticity of the products, magnifying their raw nature to delight her customers' taste buds.​

Claudia's professional goal is ambitious: to turn La Famille Gourmande into a profitable business by the end of the year. But her dream doesn't stop there. In the long term, she aspires to open several boutiques, while retaining absolute control over her business, because she believes in the importance of maintaining her integrity and vision. ​

Claudia's journey, marked by bold choices and a constant quest for quality, is a source of inspiration for all those who aspire to make their dreams come true. Her love of patisserie shines through in every one of her creations, awakening emotions and spreading happiness around her. 

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