Barbara Ferretti​

Founder and owner of Brió Pâtisserie Salon de Thé

Diplôme Supérieur des Arts Pâtissiers* 2018

*ex Bachelor de la Pâtisserie Française



Founder and owner of Brió Pâtisserie Salon de Thé


Intern at Panod bakery, Madrid​


Intern at L’éclair de génie, Paris


Pastry team at Artemisia, L’Aquila​


Pastry Chef at La Malandrina, L’Aquila​


Barbara Ferretti, was born in L'Aquila in Italy, she developed a passion for baking at a young age, inspired by her mother and grandmother who introduced her to the culinary arts. Her love for pastry led her to pursue formal training, starting with a short French pastry course at Le Cordon Bleu in Lima. Barbara's pursuit of excellence led her to discover the renowned ENSP (École Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie) in Yssingeaux, where she enrolled in the Bachelor in French Pastry Arts program. At Ecole Ducasse, she acquired not only the essential skills of pastry making but also valuable lessons in teamwork and support during challenging situations. ​

Barbara attributes much of her inspiration and strength to her mother, who remains the most important person in her life. Observing her mother's perseverance and unwavering determination has been a constant source of motivation for Barbara.​

Through her journey, Barbara emphasizes the importance of stepping out of one's comfort zone and embracing new cultures and languages. While it is crucial to have a basic understanding of French when living and studying in France, she encourages individuals to fully immerse themselves in the experience and interact with people from diverse backgrounds.​

Barbara Ferretti's story showcases her passion, resilience, and commitment to mastering the art of pastry. Her training at Ecole Ducasse, combined with her international experiences and entrepreneurial spirit, position her for a successful career as she continues to create delightful and innovative pastry creations.​

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