Askar Abusheminov​

Founder and owner of « La Croûte » bakery​



Founder and owner of « La Croûte » bakery shop in Almaty​


Training at Ecole Ducasse - ENSP Campus​


Financial in the banking industry​


Askar Abusheminov was a banker for 20 years in Kazakhstan. With two finance degrees including one in San Diego, he spent his life working in the banking industry. In 2018, at the end of summer, Askar realized that he is not happy with his job anymore, sitting in an office and wearing a tie all week long. ​

He wanted to do a useful job for communities and run his own business. Once, he watched videos on Youtube to learn how to make a baguette at home. He gave it a try and fell  in love with making bread. « It was magic to make the dough with my hands and few hours later get something tasty, crunchy, aromatic. I started to bake almost everyday, I felt in harmony with myself. It is very calming to work the dough. Quickly I realized there was also a business opportunity. » Askar decided to come to France to study bread making. « I chose ENSP because I like the place and the French countryside. It is a lovely location where you don’t need a car and with no traffic jam. I wanted to study without distraction and in one of Alain Ducasse’s school. The training fitted with my schedule. It was a short and intensive course. » His daily student life was completely different from his finance job. He was overwhelmed to learn all the basics of bakery, discover ingredients and tools. Once he mastered techniques, Askar did an internship in a small village (Fay-sur-Lignon) with Chef Frédéric Mazzarese. He found a mentor and spent one month with him. « I did everything, working alongside with him. It was a very good experience. He showed me to bake and above all, how to run the business. It was tough but it was worth it. » Before his internship he had a very romantic view of the job. His mentor helped him to think about his project and how to make it come true. ​

During his training he discovered his true mission: feeding people. Askar opened in 2021 his bakery in Almaty. He fulfilled his dreams with his career change and make locals discover French bakery. At La Croûte, croissant and baguette tradition are very popular!. ​
His advice for future students is to be determined. Askar says « Never give up and you will be rewarded. Be prepared, trust yourself and don’t listen to others. » ​

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