Visa application guide

If you are coming to École Ducasse from outside France, you may be required to apply for a study visa.

Not all overseas students need visas, so please verify the visa requirements for your nationality.

Not all students will require a study Visa to enter France, so please verify the Visa requirements for your nationality. You can do this by visiting the official French government website.

You will find more information on Visa types, application criteria and helpful contacts by downloading our Visa application guide.


‘When will I need to apply for my visa?’


Once you have received your Acceptance Letter, you will be eligible to apply for your French study visa. You can discover where this fits within the application timetable by using this link to access our step-by-step application guide.

‘How do I apply for a French study visa?’


French study visas are handled by an organization called Campus France, which has branches in most countries across the world. You can apply for a short-stay or long-stay visa, to match the length of your chosen program. Get more information on visa types, application criteria, and helpful contacts by downloading our visa application guide.