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Campus Location

Ecole Ducasse Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Patisserie is located at the following address


125 Allée de Montbarnier,

43200 Yssingeaux


Phone : + 33 (0) 4 71 65 72 50


Nearest Train station : Saint-Etienne Chateaucreux (Loire, 42) – Retournac (Haute-Loire, 43).

Insurance coverage and Emergencies

Please remember that no student will be allowed on campus without a health insurance (an international one or an attestation of registration to the french social security) and civil liability insurance. Please find below a reminder of the procedure that you received with your acceptance letter. Students who are already registered with the French social security system are not concerned by the section « french social security » and have to provide us with their « attestation de droits ».





You can provide us with an international health insurance on the first days of school but you will need to register to the French social security within the first few weeks of your arrival.


Registration with the French social security system is mandatory. Without it you will not be able to do your internship.




I am European, and I have an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a temporary certification. My health expenses will be reimbursed in the same conditions as if I was in my country. My card must be valid at least until the end of my current academic year.


The French Social Security allows you to have access to the reimbursement of your medical fees up to 60%. You can also increase the amount of your reimbursements by subscribing to a complementary health insurance (“mutuelle” in French). It is not mandatory, is up to you but we highly recommend it. A « mutuelle » is an insurance company which provides complementary health cover and guarantees payment of all or part of the expenses not covered by the French Social Security. Please find a non-exhaustive list of « mutuelles » below.


  • HEYME (civil and liability insurance included in the “mutuelle”)
  • ACS AMI (civil and liability insurance included in the “mutuelle”)


Registration with the civil liability insurance is mandatory. Without it you will not be able to do your internship.

The civil and liability insurance covers you in case of material and non-material damages.


This insurance is included most of the time in home insurances or as specified above in the “mutuelle”.


Emergencies phone numbers: 01 34 34 19 19 (this number will be reachable before the intakes)


For any further question regarding your arrival, please contact the Student Life Service at studentlife.meudon@ecoleducasse.com

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